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At Northbrae Bottle Shop we believe wine and spirits should inspire friendship and fun. Discovering really delicious new wine, local beers and artisanal spirits should never be intimidating or difficult so our we are here to guide you. 

We've curated a great selection of crafted, small production, domestic & international wines and an eclectic range of over 150 artisanal spirits coupled with dozens of (mostly) local beers. Our goal is to help our customers discover something they'll love. Prices range from $7 to $200 - with most wines under $20, so there's something for everyone! 

Come on in and we'll give you a guided tour of our selection, we'll suggest wine pairings for dinner, a cocktail that will wow the crowd, or a beer that sits with your pizza & nachos or your cassoulet.  



Our philosophy.

The broad range of spirits, beer and wine have changed since the 1920's Prohibition, when the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages was outlawed. There are tens of thousands of distilleries, breweries and wineries today and each year hundreds of additional craft operations open their doors.

Even though we no longer are bound by laws, most of these drinks are just as unreachable as they were 90 years ago. Most bars and liquor stores carry only 10 to 50 bottles on average, with JD and Johnnie Walker always in the spotlight.

We believe there are a few great providers that need to be nudged into the spotlight and deserve special showcasing. We taste everything we sell and we seek out the rare, the unique and the special just for you. We're happy to tell what we love, why we love it and to discuss whether it's right for you. 

Our Store

1590 Hopkins Street,

Berkeley, California, 94703


What's up?

Have a question? Need a pairing for your dinner? Cocktail suggestion? Have a great spirit, beer or wine we should carry? Hit us!